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Author: Sven

It's late September and that means the autumn is here. And today I spotted some of the first colours of that season from up above.
I was doing some Kite Aerial Videography the other day and got this idea. What if I fly the rig above the boats, camera facing straight down?
Ouch! The weather forecast is not good for kite flying in the coming days. It spells rain, rain, rain and ... a little more rain...
The southern winds were reasonably stable for being inland and the setting sun was painting the landscape with its golden rays. It was time to fly a kite or two!
In a previous post, I was taking you through how you can fake drone shots using a kite. Today I gave it another go.
Yesterday was windy and perfect for flying kites! So despite working late, I managed to squeeze a couple of hours of kite flying into a tight schedule.
Some say that kite aerial photography is best when the sun is shining. I can agree to that, but it's not too bad playing around when it's overcast either!
In this post I'll give you the final video from the NKM2021/Rømø Kite Festival. And it's time to take you on a quick trip behind the scenes!
Do you remember the Black Edge kite I made about a year ago? Off course it was in the kite bag for the NKM and I got to fly it as well!
On the Friday, the wind came in from the sea, quite blustery it was and a few Danes brought out the perfect kites for flying in the windy conditions.
A major change in the weather is forecasted. From warm, dry and sunny to colder, wet and cloudy. So it was time to go flying catching the remains of what was left of the summer.
Sure, Denmark is great for flying kites but Norway isn't too bad either. So today on this absolutely super September afternoon I was out flying on one of the local beaches.

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