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And Off Course, the Noise!

Some time ago I published a post on why I like to do my aerial videos using a kite rather than a drone. Remember...?
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In that post I surely admit that drones are really cool, but also listed several reason why I like to use kites for my aerial photos and videos rather than a drone.

Like restrictions and convenience, the challenge of flying, that you easily can build the lifter kites yourself and at a much lower price. Valid reasons,at least for me, but reading through that post today, another – quite obvious – reason comes to mind….

The noise!

The other day when I was out flying and doing some aerial video using one of my kites, another bloke turned up on the beach pulling a drone out of its box and sent it up in the air for shooting some video. He seemed to have an interest in my kite because he was flying his drone around it in big circles. No worries!

But then I started to notice the NOISE of his drone. Quite annoying actually as it was buzzing loudly up there. Perhaps not a big deal you might say, and I kind of agree. It’s not exactly the end of the world. But then it struck me how silent flying a kite really is!

The only thing you hear is the wind and every now and then a kind of whistling sound coming from the flying line. It’s oh so quiet!

…and I like to include the original sound of my KAV footage in my edited videos. I think it adds to the overall mood in the videos as kind of works as a watermark on any aerial video shot by using a kite.

So…. Yet another reason for me to use a kite for shooting the footage for my aerial videos!

Drone vs Kite - I prefer the kite!
I prefer the kite! 👍

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