Fly Anywhere: The Pier

denmark 2021

By: Exult

A jetty that opens up some wind directions for kiting. The shelter can be handy when setting the kite up in cold windy conditions.

A nice pier that serves as a complement for other kiting places by covering suitable wind directions. In this place, I use the 15m line-set. When it is windy you might need to add stones in a light kite bag to prevent it to fall into the water. When the ground is frozen, also adding stones in the backpack and then have the handles around it is a way to substitute the then hard to use kite stake.

The thing you are all wondering – Did I ever accidentally end up in the water with a kite here? Yes, one time. The wind was not coming from the sea but was more parallel to the shoreline. Suddenly the wind came from behind the kite – downwind was suddenly upwind and the kite just fell into the water with slack lines.

The Shelter
When setting up and packing the kites during winter I get much help to keep the hands warm by going into this little door-less shelter. I believe that my 13” metal handles conduct the heat away from the hands (especially the thumbs), so every factor that helps counts.

The Books
This well taken care of place also holds free giveaway books that people put there when they no longer need them. When I had a look there not so long ago I found these books on the top. “Gör din grej” means “Do Your Thing”. I have not read the “Kite Runner” though many persons recommend it when I tell them about my hobby. Was it a coincidence or did someone deliberately put these two books on top?

In this place especially at this time of the year, no one will disturb you. The problem is – I like to talk about kites.

By the way… Whilst having no video from the actual spot, I’ve just linked to another tutorial video by Sven A. 😉

The Pier


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