Fly Anywhere: Not the Most Obvious Place for Flying Kites

denmark 2021

By: Sven A.

Yesterday when driving home from the stable - in a car packed with kites - I stopped for a quick break and found an interesting place to fly!

It’s a truck stop next to the frozen lake, which by the way isn’t frozen anymore. So I parked the car and went over to a spot where I thought it should be possible to fly.

The wind was interesting, to say the least. Very on and off and the slight draft there was, shifted direction all the time. Thus making flying conditions difficult, but hey, I’m always up to a challenge!

Low winds like said, and I chose the Zaephay for this kind of flying. A low wind kite made by Yours Truly and it worked like a charm. Well, that said, hard to fly considering the circumstances, but fun indeed!

Just check out the video, and I might have touched upon this from time to time … You don’t need a field to fly!

Not the Most Obvious Place for Flying Kites


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