Line Length Equalizer

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A nice, little gadget – the Line Length Equalizer – should put an end to your frustrations!

Here we go!
First you need a piece of string approx 15″ long. Fold it double and make a bunch of fig8 knots with approx 1″ spacing. You’ll end up with something like this…

Attach the equalizer to your strap with a larkshead knot like this:

Your set up should now look something like this:

Then it’s time to find the shortest of your flying lines…

…and attach the flying line to the equalizer at one of the anchoring fig8 knots.

Done correctly you end up like this…..

Quick field adjustments can be done by moving the flying line attatchement point to another anchoring fig8 knot!

Pretty simple, and it works great!


This article was first published at AERIALIS-DOT-COM on May 31st 2004

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