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A couple of weeks ago I let you all in on this little project of mine; adding a 3D shape to the sail on one of my quads.

I’ve written several posts about that 3D kite already and I’ve even shared some videos of it too. In Rømø I got plenty of time to play some more with that kite and having a lot of fun when flying it.

Yeah, one evening when the sun was sinking slowly towards the horizon, the wind dropped into the 3D’s optimal wind range and it was time for some fun.

As you can read about in several other posts here at the website, this kite comes with some pretty cool features without compromising too many of the basic QLK characteristics. I’ve shown you its FlicFlac capabilities, its self recovery and other, but there are more!

With a little practice, and flying on short lines, you can pull the kite all the way down by the front lines until you can grab it in the air! Unfortunately I didn’t get that on video, but I got pretty darn close!

You can also launch it just by pulling on the front lines and … flying kind of like a dual lined kite just grabbing the front lines! Yes, I’m not kidding you! Just check it out in the video below!

The Three Dee

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