March 7, 2021 14:44


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Out in the Street

Absolutely too cold, but in order to squeeze out whatever was left of daylight, I didn't have a minute to lose!

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I vaguely remember I wrote in an earlier post here at AERIALS Kites that I have bought a head mount for my GoPro camera. Today I had a few minutes for testing it out despite the somewhat difficult light conditionds and very cold temperatures!

I didn’t have time to go to a decent flying field so the street outside my house had to do. The wind of course a bit on the gusty side, but coming from the right direction and definetly flyable. 👍

I had a hunch the white A-Quad Diamond Ghost was the kite to go so in notime I had it assembled and hooked it into the lines while my hands simultaneously going kind of numb!

I’m planning to film several tutorials using a head mounted GoPro camera, and today I was kind of experimenting with the setup to see if it could work. Despite the disappearing daylight resulting in a somewhat slightly blurred footage, I think this is gonna work out great in better light conditions. Just take a look for yourself in the video below!

Out in the Street

2 Responses

  1. > Despite the disappearing daylight resulting in a somewhat slightly blurred footage, I think this is gonna work out great in better light conditions

    Don’t worry to much, technically non-perfect fotage in itself can also convey the conditions of the session. The video quality was far from unbearable (if such a thing exists). I guess that the closeness to the lamp post is not accidental though.

    > …and very cold temperatures!… …while my hands simultaneously going kind of numb!

    Thin gloves and moving around so that one gets the ”the inner warmth” of snow shovelling or cross country skiing is how I try to handle cold conditions during low/no wind street kiting. If some wind is present, protect any ungloved hands with your back when assembling the kite and handling the lines.
    If lucky, my thinnest pair of gloves will do, the same type I occasionally use as sun protection during summer. I really should at least have tried to insulate the metal of the handles that conduct some heat away (nope I haven’t so far).

    1. 👍👍
      Yes, that lamp post was definitely part of Plan A. First it makes it light enough to fly and film, second it makes the Ghost sparkle! 👻✨

      🧤 Yes, I do normally fly with gloves (or mittens) when it’s as cold as now. However I was out for maybe just fifteen minutes or so fiddling with my GoPro, so I decided to fly bare handed this time. ✌️

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