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Author: Sven

I'm in the middle of editing the video on how to build a Rokkaku, and it's taking its time! But meanwhile I'm also keeping up my kite building skills!
Is the wind strong enough to make the kite create sufficient pull so it will lift my KAP-gear? Now here's a way to remove most of the guesswork from this question.
My original plan was to shoot some KAP of an interesting building close to one of the local beaches. But when I got there the wind was too light to fly the rig.
"The Phantom has become widely recognised as one of the most influential kites of its time. Popular with competition fliers and leisure fliers alike, it is predictable and precise in flight while remaining responsive and alert to user control."
Ok, you're on your way to buy some groceries. On the way to the shop you drive past a beach. The wind is onshore. You've got a pile of kites in the back of your car.
WOW!! It's more than a month since my last QLK post here on the AERIALIS Kites website. Gotta do something about that!
When I started doing KAP, I had this idea that the camera had to go high up off the ground and pointing towards the horizon to get good shots.
Today I started filming for the 'How to Build a Rokkaku' video! Just like I promised you some time ago
It's a perfect autumn day with howling winds and pouring rain. It's a perfect day to stay indoors and ... build a kite!
Inspired (?) by the crap weather lately I decided to make myself another item for my Rokkaku collection. So yesterday I got going!
It was supposed to rain ... a lot! But despite what was promised in the weather forecast, the clouds parted and the sun popped out. The wind was blowing too!
Some time ago I published a post on why I like to do my aerial videos using a kite rather than a drone. Remember...?

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