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Ascencion Day is a public holiday here in Norway, and what's better to do when having a day off than flying kites?!
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And when the mercury tips +20C for the first time this year and a steady breeze is coming in from the north…. Well, NOTHING is better than get out there with your kites celebrating the ascension (pun intended)!

As always I brought my cameras and my plan was not only to film kites in the air. This time, I also wanted to show you some nice scenery from “my” island; Jeløy. This is where I was born and brought up and I used to know the area like the palm of my hands.

I moved from Jeløy when I was twenty years old and a lot of things have happened since then. A heap of new apartments has started to spread out, but thankfully, there is still plenty of nature left unchanged to find my way around the more remote parts of the island.

So please let me take you on a little hike along a part of the island’s coastline. Check out the scenery and get a little of that fresh air smelling of salt, sea and beach. And, of course, there’s some flying in there too!

Let me take you on a little hike on Jeløy, “my” island!

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