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I've just created the Nordic Kite Meeting Facebook group. In this group you can find loads of information, fun facts, photos, videos and other stuff building up for the fabulous days in May!
The AERIALIS Team Flyers are into both quad lined and dual lined team flying. When we fly duallies, we go for the agile Nirvanas!
It was a perfect day for kite flying, January 25th 2020. And the right time for shooting the longest movie.
This goes back to the year of 2003, quite some time ago. One of the Nirvanas of the first ever commercially available Nirvanas happened to end up at the end of my strings!
The countdown has started. In just (?) 140 days the Nordic Kite Meeting 2020 kicks off!
When the winds are really picking up, it's good to have the right kite and keep on flying!
The countdown is over. October 3rd at 21:00 CET I'm exited to introduce a brand new column here at AERIALIS Kites where YOU can contribute!
I went early to pick up my son at the railway station ... because I was hoping to fly at the gas station close by.
Adding to the colours of the sunset I went wild with the saturation! 🍊
Yesterday was a bit windy so I opted for s vented A-Quad. It seemed to be a good decision!

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