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I woke up yesterday feeling a bit ...funny. Went to work and felt ... funnier!
Ever since I rediscovered kite flying back in 1998 I've heard the terms kite pilot and kite flyer being used. But is there a difference between the two?
I had it all worked out to a tee! A nice little mount for an Insta 360 Go 2 action camera that clipped on to the spine of any Rokkaku!
It's been on my wish list for quite some time now and when on discount and some extra money showed up in my bank account….
...or at least I'm planning to let you in on how I go about this KAP thing. So lean back and let's get started!
Yes, I know. It's not until next year, but why not mark the dates in your calendar right now?!
When they kick in around summer solstice you can fly almost al of the day up north here in my neck of the woods!
After three pretty blustery days we hit the weekend and the Saturday greeted us with SUMMER!
When the wind is howling you need to set up a proper Basecamp and line it with banners and all sorts of stuff!
Yes, most of the stuff required for close to one week flying on the Blokhus Beach is now ready!
As you might have found out, I've grown quite fond of drone flying and use the drone mainly to capture footage of my kite flying.
I've been playing around with Google Maps trying to locate new flying spots. Yesterday I found a promising one on the map, but what would this be like for real?
On Saturday (Feb. 26th) the World Wide Virtual Windless Kite Festival 2022 was arrange online! A great way of connecting without having to travel!
The dates for the epic Nordic Kite Meeting 2022 are set and we'll meet on the beautiful beach of Blokhus, Denmark on May 30th to June 6th!
I had it all worked out to a tee, everything was planned. But I know from experience that plans and reality don't always match.

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