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"Off the Ground" is the title of the soundtrack in my latest video. And it's the title of this blog post too!
Some days you just need to get away from it all. You know, when things are f***ed up and you need a couple of hours for yourself. Then kiting is my therapy.
I've been playing with this thought for a while and a few days ago I stumbled upon an offer I couldn't resist!
The weather forecast is setting up with some really crap days to come. Cold, sleet and generally not really spring-like conditions. That's why I was granted permission to fly today!
Finally I found the occasion to install the activators to the bridle of my A-Quad Hardcore. Next thing to do was to fly it!
After a couple of hours flying the A-Quad Hardcore in perfect conditions, it was time for a change of kites.
There are a handful of days when everything turns out just perfect. No, they're not coming in an abundance, but some days.....
If you're a frequent user of the AERIALIS Kites' website, I'm pretty sure you have noticed my growing interest of Kite Aerial Photography, or KAP for the sake of convenience.
After having played with my large Rokkaku in the light winds for some time, it was time for some more flying. It was time for the Zaephay!
My original plan was to do some KAP'ing using my 'new' wearable (and remotely controlled) gimbal. But the wind refused to cooperate.
No, I didn't go for a swim like the featured image might indicate, but I found out the GoPro is waterproof!
The wind was coming off the land thus quite gusty, at least down close to the ground. But how about higher up?

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