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With temperatures hovering around +30°C and light winds from the south, I was ready for some hot weather lo' wind flying
I will have to cut down a little on my kiting activities for - hopefully - a shorter period of time, and here's the reason why!
The winds were to pick up a little in the evening and favourable for doing some KAP at the Torpedo Launch, or Torpedo Station. is a sharing space dedicated to 4 line sport kites and they have just launched their brand new website!
The summer vacation is coming to an end and I got to fly on a new location today!
In the first two articles on How To KAP we took a closer look at the Wind and the Kites. In this article, we're going to get into a few details of what you can do to increase your kite's stability.
Later that day the wind turned to south and picked up so I was allowed to go flying once again in that beautiful summer evening!
I had it all worked out to a tee! A nice little mount for an Insta 360 Go 2 action camera that clipped on to the spine of any Rokkaku!
I've seen it performed with Revolution Reflex Tarantulas, but I never thought that my Zaephay could do it!
...and I did! As you can see from the selfie I have used for this article 's featured image!
I have a couple of 3-axis gimbals that I use when I'm out doing Kite Aerial Video. But ... are the gimbals really improving the video stability?
After having completed a handful of KAP sessions lately, today I was back to quad kites again.
Some time ago I did some KAP sessions flying a Power Sled, but I wasn't quite happy with its stability. But yesterday I decided to give it another go.
You know, when shooting video you’re looking for really stable footage so that you can end up with a really good-looking video after you have processed it all in post.
It was time to test the YI 3-axis gimbal and check out if it's a good option for kite aerial photography.

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