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Here are a few handfuls of photos "frozen" from the footage shot in the weekend.
That title is a pretty good summary of what the AERIALIS Team FLYERS are all about!
Finally we could fly together again! AERIALIS Team Flyers, version Gothenburg April 23-24,2022!
With just 45 days left to the Nordic Kite Meeting 2022 it's good to know that our headquarter is booked and ready!
Yessss! In a couple of weeks me and Kjetil S are going down to Anders in Gothenburg for some serious (?) kite flying!
This is really what it all boils down to. Get together with the other guys in the team. To meet again, hang together and off course, fly together again!
The AERIALIS Team Flyers were invited to the Rømø Kite Festival to do display flights in the weekend and Anders and Farid did try out our playground in the midst of the festival area!
All of a sudden Marco showed up and we started talking. It all ended with all four of us flying together, AERIALIS Team Flyers + one!
Finally, after some two years, the AERIALIS Team Flyers are back together on the flying field again, ready to rumble!
At the NKM, or rather the Danish Kite Association's festival, the AERIALIS Team Flyers are up for some display flying!
Hey, what does all this mumbo jumbo mean? Ladder? Fly Through? Back'n'Forth?
Yes, because on Tuesday August 31st I jump into my car heading south to Gothenburg to pick up Anders and together we go to the Nordic Kite Meeting!

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