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kite maintenance

learn kite maintenance with aerialis kites

Kite Maintenance

I definitely don’t baby my kites! I give them a beating when I fly because if anything breaks, it’s most likely possible to repair. That said, I don’t abuse them on purpose, but I guess my flying style is a bit like that. Anyway, this means a bit of tear and wear of my kites, but most can be fixed and here's how!

Introduction to Kite Maintenance

This is a quick introduction to the brand new video series on how to maintain you kites. How to fix things that break or wear. 

Replaced spreader and patching a torn LE pocket

In Episode 1 I’ll replace a lost upper spreader and patch a small hole in the leding edge pocket on a Cosmic TC UL:

Replacing a worn out bridle leg

In Episode 2 I will show you how to replace a worn out bridle leg. It may sounds difficult, but it’s actually no big of a deal!

Cutting Carbon and Glass Fibre Rods

If you’re into flying and/or building kites, sooner or later you will have to cut a spar. In this tutorial I show you how to do it!

Launch and Land

All right. Let’s get to the flying. In this video I teach you the basics on launching and landing your qud kite.

5 Reps Method

John Barresi taught me a good way on how to practice new stuff. It’s called the five reps practice method.


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