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Category: Quad Heads

In July 2020 I created a no-wind quad lined kite which I called the Choris Aéra. I think it's suppoosed to mean something like No Wind in Greek.
Yesterday afternoon I had to leave the house for some domesic duties. When completed, I happened to drive by one of the local beaches...
As you might knwo, Anders Matson has designed a great quad lined kite; the A-Quad.
I've been taking you along on the Black Edge project and here's another chapter for you!
I know. It's not the right way to go about it, but I changed three things trying to remedy the lack of oomph for my A-Quad Diamond Ghost. Well, what the heck!
Wow! I've been dying to fly this space for a long, long time. Today conditions were perfect to give it a go!
After a long period with pretty cold temperatures, the mercury is now rising and we're seeing definite signs of spring!
Grey and wet conditions after a long period with crisp, cold and sunny weather. But we've got wind!
I have had this feeling for a short while. I'm not quite satisfied with the forward drive of my A-Quad Diamond Ghost. It feels .....
I was not the only one flying the A-Quad Diamond Ghost this weekend. No, Anders and Farid did also air some seriously light weight icarex!
Today I was in experimenting mode. I wondered if it's possible to mount the GoPro on my head, shoot some video and talk you through it.
With a very light breeze coming in from the north I thought conditions should be fine for the A-Quad Diamond Ghost too. I was right!

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