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My Virtual Windless Kite Festival 2021 Video

I off course submitted a video to the Virtual Windless Kite Festival 2021. And here it is!
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I really hope you had the chance to take part in the Virtual Windless Kite Festival 20201! I did and had a great time with all the other kite enthusiasts from all over the world!

It was so fun to have a little taste of that festival feeling again and despite being there in person the virtual version is not bad at all. (And it saves me a lot of travel expenses! 😉)

I’m not quite sure exactly how many videos were submitted to the festival, but it close to sixty… (?) All videos were put into sections which were released one by one throughout the festival and I now think I’ve seen them all. Sooooo inspiring!

These video compilations are available until Wednesday, January 27th – that’s today – and then they will be archived to the World Kite Museum’s video archive.

However, my contribution will stay on my YouTube channel for a little longer and you can watch it there … or just down below … right now!

Windless Flying

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  1. Didn’t know that you did duals indoors. Expected that you would have gone for the quads (Zaephay, Diamond Ghost?) as a Windless Festival contribution. When it comes to duals in zero wind I have only tried the Prism 4D a few times so I have much respect for this activity. The HQ Feather(?), that must have been a few years ago since that that one was available?

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