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Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

Grey and wet conditions after a long period with crisp, cold and sunny weather. But we've got wind!

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And that wind will make the kites fly!

Lately, we received a great dump of snow. Then unfortunately the weather turned mild with rain transforming the layer of fluffy into a somewhat thinner layer of slush. I drove past one of the local beaches on Saturday and it all looked like a mess. But the pier looked promising. So Sunday I jumped into my car ready for Plan A, some pier flying!

However…. the pier was covered with slippery ice. No way I was going to fly there! But the mild weather had melted much more of the snow and down at the waterline, the beach was flyable. The first kite out of the bag was the even-more-vented Green Quad. It was a perfect choice for the conditions. This kite never stops surprising me with its excellent flying characteristics. All fine until a connector popped and I had to go with the A-Quad Hardcore, a pretty decent kite too!

Unfortunately I didn’t get to shoot any footage of the green kite. The Hardcore though…!

Snow is melting and I can fly in the beach
Snow is melting and I can fly in the beach
The A-Quad Hardcore closeup
The A-Quad Hardcore closeup
A perfect inverted hover
A perfect inverted hover
Having fun!
Having fun!
Let’s go fly a kite!

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