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How to Build a Rokkaku – Pilot Project

I'm still preparing for the "How to Build a Rokkaku" project and yesterday I built a prototype. I've called it Stormy because now we're talking heavy duty!
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Not long ago, I published a post about planning a How-To video about building a Rokkaku. I’ve put quite a bit of work into writing the script for this video and it’s nearly finished. I’ve also gathered all tools and materials required and yesterday I found out that I wanted to kill a few birds with one stone!

  • Veryfy (and modyfy if neccessary) my script by actually building a pilot project rokkaku.
  • Use some scrap heavy duty fabric and make it a high wind rokkaku.
  • Treat myself with a new kite on my birthday!

So I got myself together, sat down by the sewing machine and got started following the steps in my script meticulously. I followed all the steps in my script to the tee and did a couple of modifications to it along the way. But it was mostly spot-on. After a few hours, I ended up with this one.

Like said, I was using some pieces of scrap fabric and, nope, it’s not ripstop nylon. Actually, I’m not quite sure exactly what it is, but it’s heavy-duty and sure can take a beating! And that was exactly what I was after. Sometimes when I go to do some KAP’ing, the wind is kind of strong. And for those winds, I haven’t had a good lifter kite. The Rokkakus I do have, are not suited for those kinds of winds. So I decided to make one that I can use as a lifter kite come those blustery days of fall.

And what better to do than treat yourself to a new kite on your birthday?! 🙂

Late last evening I went to the beach to see if the wind was strong enough to make the kite fly. It wasn’t so I had to pump the kite and really work it to catch the dying wind. But from what I saw, it looked promising. Now all I have to do is wait for one of those blustery days this kite is made for! 🙂

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