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Doin’ Some Really Weird Stuff with the Three Dee

In another recent post I was telling you a little more on the Three Dee kite I've experimented with. Here is some more on that weird(?) kite!
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I’ve been tweaking this kite for some time trying to “re-shape” the flat sail of a Hadziki wing kite and make it into some kind of a three-dimensional type of sail. By simple means, I’m now able to adjust several aspects of that 3D shape. I can very easily alter the depth of the sail as well as the position of the 3D elements.

I can also very easily add or subtract weight to the down spars and all this tweaking surely adds a few features to the kite. This without compromising too many of the normal QLK features, like inverted flight and hover, reversed flight, hovers, sideways flying and so on. You can read more about these tweaks in this post.

Rather than talk you through all of these bonus features added when tweaking the sail, I’ve put together a short video for you where I take the Three Dee (which I now call it) through them all. The video was shot in the kite’s optimal wind range, I’d say at between 2 and 3 m/sec. (Which equals 4.5 to 9 mph)

Then it’s all there! The really cool self-recovery. You know, just tug both or just one of the front lines and try to yank the kite out of the sky. Nope! The kite just slowly turns over onto its belly and starts floating downwind until the lines go tight. Or drop your handles completely, grab the front lines and fly it kind of like a dual-line!

And when it comes to FlicFlacing…! WOW! Now the Three Dee really excels! You can FlicFlac this kite just like you would FlicFlac a dual-line! It’s way cool! And in both directions too! With the LE facing up or down, it really doesn’t matter!

You don’t need the handles for launching. Just pull the front lines and you can take the kite all the way up to the top of the wind window without touching the handles whatsoever.

And when the flying is done, well, you can’t pop the kite down for a catch, but you can pull it all the way down by the front lines so that you just can pick it out of the air right in front of you! (I didn’t manage to get this last feature on video, but I sure will give it another go pretty soon.)

But hey! Let’s cut the crap and check out the video!

Doing Some Weird Stuff with the Three Dee

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