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Some years ago, Kjetil sat down at his sewing machine and made a few Urban Ninjas. I happened to get one of them.
My original plan was to do some KAP'ing using my 'new' wearable (and remotely controlled) gimbal. But the wind refused to cooperate.
My Plan A yesterday was to pack up the car with some KAP-gear, head out and shoot some video from up above.
Sunday and a couple of hours on my hands after some hours of house cleaning. What better to do than kill some of that time with a bit of kite flying?
It's been pretty cold for a while now meaning all lakes in the area are frozen and turned into great flying fields!
I'm not the only one being inspired by glider kites lately. No, Anders is also bitten by the bug!
The falling snow is fake but the rest of it is all true. Come on and feel the Fro'Zen!
Winter can be crap but not quite so today. Cold, sure, but just dress to the occasion and you're good to go!
Like mentioned in my previous post, I promised you a quick fill in from the A-Wing's initial flight. Here it is!
Inspired by the Virtual Windless Kite Festival and all of the GREAT videos submitted I decided to make myself a small glider!
I kind of got challenged to participate in the Glider Project by the Virtual Windless Kite Festival 2021. Today's conditions were perfect to take the Urban Ninja outta its bag!
After several days with bad weather, today I woke up to a clear sky and a little bit of wind!

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