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Category: Kite building

Do you remember I was telling you about the 'how to build a rokkaku' some time ago? Yes, I guess you do.
Yesterday I completed yet another build project and today I was up early to fly it before the winds died down!
I've recently built a large light wind Rokkaku and today the conditions were just about perfect for its initial flight.
I'm in the middle of editing the video on how to build a Rokkaku, and it's taking its time! But meanwhile I'm also keeping up my kite building skills!
Today I started filming for the 'How to Build a Rokkaku' video! Just like I promised you some time ago
It's a perfect autumn day with howling winds and pouring rain. It's a perfect day to stay indoors and ... build a kite!
Inspired (?) by the crap weather lately I decided to make myself another item for my Rokkaku collection. So yesterday I got going!
In another recent post I was telling you a little more on the Three Dee kite I've experimented with. Here is some more on that weird(?) kite!
A couple of weeks ago I let you all in on this little project of mine; adding a 3D shape to the sail on one of my quads.
The featured image of this post is definitely not symptomatic of its third test flight. Nope, quite the opposite actually!
I have added a couple of new modifications to the 3D kite project of mine. In this post I'll take you through them all.
After having successfully taken the 3D kite through its second test flight, it was about time to improve some stuff.

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