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A Kite Aerial Videography Session

Yesterday was windy and perfect for flying kites! So despite working late, I managed to squeeze a couple of hours of kite flying into a tight schedule.
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My plan for the kite flying session was to do some aerial videography at one of the local marinas; Fiske. The best wind direction for this is from the south and that was exactly the direction today.

I parked the car, picked up the gear and walked onto one of the piers and it was definitely windy. More than expected and I hoped that the Peter Lynn Pilot 2 wasn’t going to pull too hard. Not having enough lift was definitely not an issue!

The kite pulled quite a bit up there but not so much I considered it dangerous, so I fixed the line to the ground and got the KAP-gear ready, connected the camera to my phone and started filming.

Despite the onshore wind it was actually kind of choppy up there so the gimbal was having a hard time keeping up. But a little later the wind calmed down somewhat and things got better.

Even the clouds gave way to the setting sun and towards the end of the session, I got some really nice footage. Yet another great day at the “office”! 👍

A Kite Aerial Videography Session

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